Design Consulting

Our Design philosophy is driven by Life cycle based Human Centred Design. We factor in all the aspects of human and life cycle of the product in our designs. This helps us make an absolute differentiated design for the below design areas.

Business Design

We take your business plan and draw a lot of strategic plans around it. We make the boxes mesh together and create that tough unit that will make your business purr smoothly. The boxes are here below:

Product Design

If you have a product, we look at it’s shape, we get professional designers to create more smooth lines, better contours, better human centered design and create a product that will be loved for it’s shape. Or size. Or texture or even looks.

Industrial Design

We enable a radical look at your industrial design to enable your work spaces to have greater affinity to values, success and lasting impressions on all – the stakeholders, customers and workers.

Interior Design

Interior Design company HCD DREAM stands for Dreams built by Human Centred Design. The design that gives you Freedom of living and let you live the way you want.

Service Design

Quality service standards and a superb work flow and work look design during services that will change things for the better.

Concept Design

We take every concept and through an elaborate Design process make the whole concept a very different one, from a barn to a bar to a warehouse, anything is possible.

Communication Design

If you thought some tag lines, a good logo and some ads would make your business work, it will not. What’s required is a detailed communication design process that changes things forever in how the brand speaks to people. We have teams that do just that.

how can we help you?

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