Employability Consulting

We call it TLCM (Talent Life Cycle Management). A comprehensive platform to ensure EQ (Employability Quotient) is always in line or above what is required in the market, so that you could drive the market and the demand and not otherwise. Life is all about what you are really and your talent (as all have god gifted talents) and it is perfect marriage to its right usage. It is not about your 2hours of campus selection or new job interview. It is about valuing what you are and what difference that you make to a company or a person.


Leveraging technology, we offer a platform that replicates a universe of minds, that offers his/her talent to another mind who is looking to use this talent to augment his/her business.

We call it right value and respect for all in the society, so that we could create right wealth for all.

Colleges and Universities are at a crossroads. They have students paying big sums for admission in Undergraduate and Post Graduate courses. They need to provide a level for Market Readiness for each student that the conventional curriculum is not geared to provide.

We take a range of workshops and courses to the colleges and universities that can transform a student’s interests and skills, thereby making him for the new and connected Digital world.

These courses are also available to students and local community who are not members of the College or the university.

Courses are across: Technology | Services | Real estate | Media | Digital | Tourism | Hospitality | Marketing | Sports | Manufacturing

In addition, we create Events, Innovation Campuses, Seminars, Placement Jamborees and Incubation Cells for future Entrepreneurs in Colleges and Universities.

We use our proprietary P RE program to have people rediscover themselves.

This is also known as the Professional Redevelopment Program designed with 7 Steps to Success for any individual – Genius, Normal or an Abject Failure.

The boardrooms dictate that people have to be let go. The HR is in a fix. Call us in. We will ensure people go out positively, in a happier way, or reassimilate in the system in a new role, effectively.

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