Startup and SME Consulting

We try to achieve Cost Optimization in Capital Expenses and Operations Expenses thereafter. We try to create a Product that can be placed well, priced well and positioned well in a market that will then look for the product or service and not the other way round.

We serve our clients by taking them from an Idea and to full fledged Operations. We look to develop the business in the following ways:

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Brand Building

We enable SMEs look at their brand in a larger and comprehensive fashion. We recreate, project and reposition brands to suit their markets.


We enable Concept design, Product Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Service Design and Communication Design of Businesses.

Operations Process

We make your Operations Process robust, standard and self – reliant, knowing the dynamic nature of your business. We also suggest automation and Technologies that may make it leap beyond the competition.


We validate the product and where necessary recreate it for the market segment it serves, to be a business success.


We enable Services by a better service Design, by quality service standards mapped out for companies who wish to differentiate

Human Resources

We enable the organization through organogram and quality hires and hiring suggestions.


We approach Marketing as a business by itself, pushing the limits of possibilities for a product or service to make an unassailable impact.

Sales Strategy

We create Go to Market Sales strategies and we tweak a prevalent sales strategy to suit an changed business environment.

Training and Development

We activate a supple Training & Development wing that would make your company create better human resources for your organization.

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