Presenting a business to investors

We all write down our business ideas. We even create Business plans. We do massive roll
out plans. We fret, we fume and use up endless hours to create something great. Then we
go to investors.
But at the end, is it really interesting for an investor?
Does he actually smell value in the concept?
What is in it for him? And who he thinks shall be the customer?
So, welcome to the simple process of fleshing out an idea with the answers to the above
questions. Build a business either in the real world or online. Take the concept into sampling
or testing or Preview marketing. Shake and simmer the idea towards a business.
The Investor will surely be interested.
The big Business Plans can always come later. It can be done by guys who come on board
after the business has been introduced into the market and some sampling is seen in the
Do not worry about competition when you are in front of investors because you don’t know
much about them anyway. Sharpen your processes and your 4Ps of marketing. That shall
help much more.
The investor is excited about how much you tend to look straight in front rather than over the
shoulder. It gives them confidence that the product or service shall sail through.
Communicate your energy. That is a sign of success.Investors believe in that.

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