Rediscover yourself : Your Second inning

It is time for your Second Inning, your life story after intermission. A story that you can author it best¬† or life that you can craft it best based on what you always wanted and liked to do but SOP (standard operating procedure ūüôā )¬† of our Indian life never let you realize what you are best at.¬† It is all about Hitting Refresh..

Together we can definitely identify and spot your best talent that could make you self sufficient in terms of building your own sustained revenue sources¬†through many service/solutions such as Project Management service/solutions through Shared PM.¬†¬† Be a shared Business and sales development Manager by getting knowledge and access to innovative products/solutions and Industry leaders by being part of virtual global business development and sale organization.¬† Provide marketing solutions through shared Marketing Manager. Be a shared CFO, shared CMO, shared CTO, shared lead Tester etc.¬†¬†In our initiative, we are going to dive deep into what you have to offer to other startups and what startups need and how we can enable you through network, access etc and what else it takes to bridge the gap.¬† Let’s converge these 2 world corporate professionals and startups and create a value enriching ecosystem that would create self sustaining society instead of living a life scared of market changes, layoffs, VRS etc..

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